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Tourism and leisure in the Pyrénées Orientales

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The Pyrénées Orientales between sea and mountains …

Discover this sunny destination which is a world of its own.

Situated between Sea and Mountains, the Pyrénées-Orientales offers visitors a multitude of leisure activities. Rich in its cultural, military, and religious heritage each village has a church, a cloister, a fort, or a citadel.

Stone villages clinging to mountains or villages of anchovy fishermen sheltered from the wind in a bay, you will enjoy strolling through these historical places and meandering through their  picturesque streets.

The Canigou, a Grand site of France, is the famous summit which dominates our valley and all Catalans from an altitude of 2 765 m. It teems with wildlife, mineralogy, exceptional preserved flora, and many protected wild places.

Le Vallespir

Stretching along the length of the valley of the Tech, between the massif of the Albères, the hills of the Aspres and the flanks of the Canigou. Well protected from the winds, the Vallespir offers a picture of calmness and well-being.

Gentle slopes planted with vineyards and olive trees. Steeper slopes dominated by the cork oak and Holm oak. Apple trees and pear succeed cherry trees. Chestnut and beech are the most common variety of trees, and form beautiful forests with plentiful and varied mushrooms.

Collioure & la côte Vermeille coastline

On the Pyrenean slopes which plunge down to the Mediterranean, vines spread their terraces in reply to the insolent beauty of the rocky Catalan coastline. The imprints left by humankind could only ever be those of art, intelligence, and talent.

The palates of bright striking colours of the famous painters, the Fauves, mirror the alleyways of Collioure or Banyuls and the blues of the seabed. The treasures of the sea are, of course, the main ingredients of a generous cuisine with daring sweet and salty combinations. Taste the famous “Mar i Munt,” a convergence of the sea and mountain, shellfish, and veal (la Rosée des Pyrénées), a good reflection of the spirit of this region.

Museums to visit  :

Céret Museum of modern Art :
Céret Museum of modern Art is the main modern art museum in the Pyrénées-Orientales. It was created by Pierre Brune and Frank Burty Haviland in 1950 and as achieved an international reputation in the last 20 years

The Rigaud Museum in Perpignan:
The Hyacinthe-Rigaud Museum is situated in Perpignan. It houses a collection of paintings and decorative arts, in particular a collection of Catalan Gothic art and modern paintings.

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