Health & Well-being at Amélie-les-Bains Palalda

The Catalan region, at the gateway to Spain, on the same latitude of Rome, definitely has a taste for the sun. The lively town of Amelie les Bains, on the river Tech, between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees combines, with a smiling accent, pure air and microclimate, mild temperatures, and bright skies (300 days of sunshine a year).

La Compagnie des Spas d’Amélie is a spa situated 3 km from our campsite which offers numerous natural spa water treatments such as Therma bike, body or face modelling, thermal plankton applications, Kaolin baths, or the sulphurous hot water swimming pool. We provide a shuttle service.

The Amélie les Bains Spa

The Roman Baths are built on top of ancient baths and open onto magnificent changing rooms and relaxation areas.

The vaulted ceiling and restored Tisanerie pool provide food for the imagination in these sacred places. Resolutely inspired by the baths of Antiquity, its vast spaces, entirely renovated, offer the pleasure of a beautiful thermal water pool.

Nothing is more essential to human beings than water and nothing is better than thermal spa water for feeling good.

By immersing yourself in the naturally warm spring waters filtered over thousands of years by the rocks, the skin and tissues of your body relax and soften.

They are oxygenated, nourished, repaired, strengthened, and toned. The quality and purity of our springs is preserved and certified by the National Academy of Medicine.


Book your spa therapy at Amélie-les-Bains

Well-being plan with the Compagnie des Spas (3km)

A range of programmes which are a perfect introduction to the benefits of fitness and thermal mineral water, and which alternate toning and relaxing treatments, with body sculpting massages with essential oils by expert hands. The treatments last approximately 2 hours. 

Book your stay at the campsite together with a treatment from the spa company located only 7 minutes from the campsite, for a unique moment of relaxation and well-being close to nature.

Our accommodation

Fully equipped air conditioned Cottages. A wood covered terrace enables you to enjoy our exceptional climate and to be closer to nature.

Your spa treatment with Thermale du Soleil Spa

The Thermale du Soleil spa in Amélie-les-Bains is a popular destination. The sulphurous mineral waters which supply the 2 thermal establishments, Thermes Romains and Thermes du Mondony provide effective and natural treatment for rheumatology, and the respiratory passages. 

You will be guaranteed a calm and relaxing stay in the heart of nature when you choose to stay in our comfortable accommodation or on our pitches during your 18-day spa therapy.

We offer a shuttle service to the spa at preferential rates !  

The ‘+’ of the station

A station which is open almost all year !
Many cultural and sporting activities !
A site between sea and mountains !
A very sunny, dry climate !
Specific spa therapies and mini therapies !
The Amélie-les-Bains Spas are very dynamic providing you with optimum treatment.
Easy and almost free access to all the sites and the Department with bus tickets prices at €1 subsidized by the Regional Council.

Things to do in Amélie 

Amélie-les-bains offers:

  • numerous restaurants,
  • shops,
  • hypermarket (Aldi),
  • cultural and sporting activities,
  • numerous walks and bike rides.
Chapelle Santa Engracia - Amélie les Bains

A little history…

Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda is a French town in the department of the Pyrénées-Orientales and the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
It has signs of occupation since the Iron Age : blocks of gneiss discovered following the flooding of the Tech in 1940 were engraved with signs from this period.
There are various theories about them (cromlech, temple, …) but nothing is based on verifiable facts. There are hot springs at Bains d’Arles (El Banys) which have been exploited since Antiquity.
The Romans built Roman baths, and a vaulted room and small swimming pool remains today.
Later an Abbey was founded by a certain Castellan in the 8th century probably inside the old baths. However, Viking raids during the 9th century forced the monks to move their monastery to Arles-sur-Tech, where it still stands today.

The Baths called ‘Els Banys d’Arles,’ remained the property of the Abbot of the Monastery of  Arles until 1237 when they were acquired by the Lord of Roussillon and Vallespir, Nunyo-Sanche. Only the parish church of Saint-Quentin remains under the jurisdiction of the Abbot of Arles today.

Around 1670 Vauban ordered a fort to be built above the village to defend the Spanish border, which still stands today. The fort was called Fort-les-Bains (and it bears the same name today).

On 7 April 1840, King Louis-Philippe renamed the village Amélie-les-Bains, after his wife, Marie Amélie de Bourbon.

Amélie les Bains